Project Management

At V & F Roof Consulting & Service, our goal is to help you through all stages of a roofing project, not to sell you a roof. As an independent third party, who renders an unbiased opinion of roof systems in place and under construction, our project management team can lead you through the replacement process. Through our services such as leak repair, preventative maintenance, and roof asset management, our project managers and service crews become familiar with the day-to-day operations of your roof system. This obtained knowledge allows us to ensure the new roof system meets industry standards, installers adhere to quality installation specifications, and the roof performs as expected into the future.

Many aspects of a roofing project can be involved and time consuming. While addressing concerns associated with roof management, we understand the needs of operating a business still continue. At V & F Roof Consulting & Service, we can manage the roofing project on your behalf.

Our Roof Management Services include:

  • Roofing Assessment
  • Roof Design
  • Roof Selection
  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Contract Evaluation
  • Proposal Review
  • Project Administration
  • Quality Control
  • Site Inspections

Utilizing the vast knowledge of our Project Management Team, we will work through every step of the process to ensure a successful project completion.