Roof Asset Management

There are many factors and much information obtained in order to properly manage a roof system, but where is the information stored for easy access and future planning?

Mi-Roof-1V & F Roof Consulting & Service helps building owners manage this information through the use of an online tool called, MI-Roof. This internet based program provides convenient access to your Roof Management program “any time, any place.” There are many benefits to utilizing an online roof management tool:

  • Cost-saving roof management application tool puts the decision maker in control of the roof repair and replacement program.
  • Maintains a complete roof inventory of all buildings, including details such as type of deck, insulation type, work history, existing conditions, and type of roof system.
  • Real Time access to current roof leaks and remedies.
  • Allows the users to generate full colored, instant roof reports for presentation or hard-copy filing.
  • Supplies complete roofing information so facility managers have the ability to budget forecast into the future.
  • Provides a complete, photographic library of each individual roof section, illustrating existing conditions, progress reports of repairs, and replacement work currently being performed.