Leak Repair


A facility owner should have a roofing contractor who is available to make emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This role is best provided by a dedicated service company, which has professional technicians trained specifically to assess and repair a variety of leak situations across all roof systems. A dedicated service company will provide prompt service not only for the convenience of the tenant, but also because of the damage that can be done to the roof and interior of the building. Damage not attended to allows water entry into the roof system. A proper repair requires the complete removal of wet materials and replacement. Prompt action can minimize water migration and reduce the risk of permanent damage to the roof system.

Our nine service crews are experienced in dealing with problematic leak situations and are well versed in dealing directly with the customer on site. Our fully stocked trucks ensure that the materials required for the repair are always available.

A standard leak repair visit includes the following:

  • Our technicians will meet with facility staff to determine the location and history of the leak.
  • Our technicians will assess the leaking area on the roof and will make all required repairs as necessary. Should the required repairs encompass a scope larger than a typical repair, we will temporarily seal the opening and provide a written quotation outlining the existing deficiency and recommended method of repair.
  • Our technicians will check out with facility staff notifying them of the status of the leak and repair.
  • Our project manager will submit before and after photos of the leak and repair along with a detailed description of the work performed.