Surveys and Assessments

In order to properly manage a roof system, a detailed assessment and evaluation should be performed by quality, seasoned professionals. Evaluations of the roof system may include a visual survey, Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys, a compilation of leak history, membrane test cuts, water testing and identification of critical areas in need of immediate repair.

Each aspect of the survey and assessment provides detailed, informative information, which contributes to long-term financial decisions associated with maintaining and extending the life of a commercial roof system.

Visual Survey

Roof experts visually analyze the condition of the roof by identifying critical areas in need of repair such as open seams, tented flashings, debris, ponding water and improper details.

Infrared Roof Moisture Survey

Water can infiltrate through many areas of the roof system. As a result, water becomes trapped in the insulation below causing damage and loss of heat. Wet insulation does not insulate and can result in condensation within the interior building structure.

An Infrared Roof Moisture Survey helps to identify energy loss, determine the existence of moisture below the membrane, and pinpoint specific areas of dry and wet insulation. Use of the test, provides building owners important information when exploring corrective action options, planning capitol budgets, and maintaining a roof system.

Water Testing

At times, it is difficult to pinpoint the source of water entry into a building. By performing a systematic water test of a wall or roof system, defining the point of entry and the required corrective action can be achieved. Water testing is a wise investment when the leak source is not obvious.

Membrane Test Cuts

As part of the survey process, utilizing every available method to obtain information about the roof system allows the building owner to be well-informed. One of these methods is the practice of performing membrane test cuts. This process helps verify the construction of the existing roof system, documents the R-value of the roof insulation, and confirms the absence or presence of moisture within the roof system.

Upon completion of the assessment and evaluation, an itemized report including roof plans, details of corrective action, and recommendations and budgets are provided to help building owners make well-informed decisions about future repairs, financial planning, and optimizing the roof system.