Snow Removal


You can always count on Wisconsin winters to bring frigid air, icy conditions, and snow accumulation, especially on your roof. However, many people do not realize the damage and stress large snow loads can create, resulting in a weakened structure. As a result, roofs can collapse under the pressure of heavy snow buildup causing extensive damage, slowing productivity and possibly injury.

With this in mind, it is important to evaluate your commercial roof before the winter season. V & F Roof Consulting & Service can provide an evaluation that includes a roof plan to identify HVAC equipment, drains, scuppers, skylights and any additional equipment. When assessing the roof system considering the age, condition of the roof, elevation and maintenance condition can help avoid collapse. In addition, vulnerable roof areas, such as weak decking, will be considered for long-term performance.

Unfortunately, not all roofs are built to withstand the increased weight of snow and drifts associated with the winter season. Drifting is the most common cause of roof collapse. Drifting accumulation can increase with changes in wind direction that pushes snow downwind to lower elevations or at screen walls where snow gets trapped. Additionally, when snow melts and freezes the roof is subjected to additional weight limits. When those weight limits are exceeded, it is important to remove the snow quickly. Maintaining constant knowledge about the weight load of the structure becomes a key part in evaluating the roof system.

While snow removal can be a dangerous process, making sure to prevent carelessness during snow removal is important. Often times, inexperience can create more damage than the snow and ice itself. Fortunately, the professional service crews at V & F Roof Consulting & Service are experienced with assessing the integrity of commercial roofs, carefully and efficiently removing snow, and adhering to strict safety standards for snow removal. Overall, roof inspections during and after large snow falls will help prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your roof.