Our team has the opportunity to work on a wide variety of Southeast Wisconsin roofing projects and many great clients. We feel feedback from our clients contributes to our goal of providing outstanding service. Here are some of the things they say about working with V & F Roof Consulting & Service.

I want to say what a wonderful job your team of roofers and sheet metal personnel did over this July 4th weekend. They did an exceptional job working from alum. planks over and around the transformers. They were in early and stayed late to accomplish the task at hand. I could not ask for more […]

Lyle Roecker

I have appreciated working with a contractor that understands my needs, and the urgency of my requests. Their knowledge of building operations, in general, has been a great asset to our organization. V&F works very closely with our other on site contractors to anticipate our needs and assist in protecting our interests. The service technicians […]

David Boelkins

I have appreciated the high level of professionalism that V&F has provided to Carroll University. We have enjoyed working together to protect our historical building, and I am amazed by their responsiveness to my needs. They are proving to be a valuable member of our team as we continue to put together a long-term maintenance […]

Alan Peschl

This building was experiencing recurring water entry along the roof perimeter due to precast wall joints and counterflashing detail. V & F installed new flashing and sheet metal coping to eliminate leaks and extend the life of the roof system.

Brian Esswein

V & F uses their expertise to diagnose and repair service and maintenance issues for the roof areas located at the Quad Graphics, Inc. facilities. It is my opinion, the team of V & F displays a level of service, difficult to find in the industry. Their responsiveness and commitment to excellence brings this organization […]

Jim O’Leary

V & F performs the consulting and project management services for Kohl’s roof replacement projects. From creating the scope of work for each project to making sure all projects are completed to Kohl’s standards and satisfaction, V & F does a great job overseeing Kohl’s capital replacement program. Beyond their consulting work on capital projects, […]

Jordan Raddant