Preventative Maintenance


While organizations strive to decrease expenses and prioritize spending, we see the implementation of economical initiatives, such as waste reduction and energy saving systems, outsourcing of employees, and often times alleviated benefit programs. However, while attempting to ensure the current survival of the company by trimming dollars, building owners tend to forget the protection of important assets.

One primary asset, the ROOF TOP, is affected by reduced expenditures. Historically, with the reduction of facility and maintenance managers, the preservation and upkeep of facilities also has been neglected. More specifically, the roof systems of these facilities, which contribute to the integrity of a solid structure, often correlate to less significant priority. However, building owners can capitalize on considering proactive investments and maintaining a quality roof system to secure significant long-term savings. With the implementation of a preventative roof maintenance program, the building’s roof no longer needs to be first on the list for budget cuts or last on the list for service.

The goal of a streamlined preventative maintenance program is to:

  • Maximize the service life of the roof system
  • Allow for financial planning and optimization of the roof system
  • Protect the building and its contents
  • Lower the frequency of service calls
  • Reduce the severity of repairs

By maintaining a viable roof system through preventative maintenance, building owners can maximize their return on investment and efficiently project roof related expenses. While pushing forward with aggressive budgets and cost-saving plans, keep in mind the building starts from the top down. Remember, a roof’s life is finite, but it doesn’t have to be short lived.